Mother's Trial

Well, the years have flown. I stand before my friends and family as a used, rejected, and hurt woman. I have had 3 miscarriages, and a still birth. The latter being my most recent. I have not been able to carry full term and come away with a bundle of joy. But I want one oh so much. A child is cherished piece of me, and my legacy. They are the joy in a mother's eyes, the pride in a father's heart. All I've ever wanted is a child. To be the mother I never got a chance to know. How long must I wait?
SheWolf16 SheWolf16
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Can you adopt a real Adult baby ?
or do you know off anyone that will ?.
Here is a adult baby that is 100% like a real baby
he wears baby cloths 24/7 and wear diapers 24/7
only eats baby foods and drinks baby formula from a bottle.
You shall have full control over him as he is helpless.and powerless
to do anything, What do you say to that ?
My real age is 36 years old
I`m like 1 to 3 month old
I`m 6 ft 7" / 201 cm tall
slim built ,
My real Name is Carl but my baby name is Karl Thomas
I am willing to travel to you and then to be your baby for good,
And there anyone in need of a sweet baby boy.
I will be like a real baby as when mummy talks to me and me just listen
never talk back and babies cant do that yet and I shall never until mum tells me to.
Any sweet lady or mother will do anything with me or to me as I`m just as normal as it comes.
Karl. xxxxxx

I don`t care about the past just have me as your sweet baby please.