I Want Kids of My Own Someday

I want to get married some day and have kids of my own. Sometimes I do not think that I will have this because I am a very shy and quiet person. I have social anxiety too and it keeps me from doing things that I always want to do. 

I am 24 years old and I have never been in a relationship before. If I do have kids some day I do not want them to suffer like I have my whole life. I do not want them to be shy and quiet like me. If they turn out shy like me I will feel it is my fault. I would not want them to be angry at me like I am at my parents; especially my mom. Both of my parents are shy people and my mom is very quiet so sometimes I feel it is her fault for me being this quiet and shy.

I really do hope that I meet a wonderful guy someday that will make me happy in all kind of ways and that we will marry and that we have wonderful kids together.

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3 Responses Jul 3, 2007

same here T_T

yes i give u

Become the sort of person you would like to be with... You aren't stuck being shy... you get to choose who you become. Take small steps. Get help from friends or professionally if you need it. Make the most of every day. Try things out. Chat up strangers in the grocery... with no expectation. Ask good questions. People will like you and you will feel better about yourself. Start with someone you dont feel threatened by... an older person or someone who smiles at you. Make a point to smile and speak to anyone who smiles back... even if it is just to say "hi" or "thanks for sharing your lovely smile" Steal little bits of joy and write them down so you can read them on your bad days. YOU CAN DO IT!