It's more than just wanting to be a mom, I need it. Something deep down inside of me is screaming at me for not being pregnant right now, we try... I try. I've been with my boyfriend now for 3 1/2 years, we have never used protection. I dream of babies, holding them, loving them, caring for them.... I wake in the middle of the night rubbing my tummy, practically begging "the gods" that this time, I'll be pregnant.
I can hardly stand to look at an expecting mother for how envious I become. My boyfriend keeps telling me it will happen when it's the right time, that he'll try as hard as me when he is more ready, when he can support us better. The thing is, there never is a "right time"... We already make more money than the average family... We can support a baby. I just want a baby so bad, it hurts. It physically hurts...
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i do as well :/ im about to start this month

hopefully it happens ✊

Good Luck!

I believe it's a big gift from God having a child , & it's up to God also if your baby will become a good child, this is something which we women's can't create alone. I believe that someone knows what will happen in your life, we can call him God & it's put to God too that we get the life we desire.

I wish i had had my children when i was your age. I didn't start my family until 40. Keep trying and wish you luck. There is nothing like watching your child's grow up. You'll love it and won't ever regret having a baby.

Thank you, my body has been telling me since I was about 16 that it was "time" to start trying. Every year since then it's been getting louder. If I may ask, what made you wait?

I was very irresponsible when i was your age, but i think if i had a child then it would have woken me up. I had almost no supervision as a child growing up and it got me off to a very rough start in life. I am the complete opposite with my kids because of the way i was treated by my parents. I had an awful childhood and didn't want to bring another life into the world and have them have to go through that. Eventually I wanted a family as i got in my thirties and realized things could get better. Now I have 2 daughters and we do everything together and give them the attention i never got from my family.

I'm sorry you weren't treated right by your parents. Due to how you were treated, I'm sure it made you a stronger person and an amazing father.
My childhood also was not filled with butterflies and cupcakes. My parents were a confusing mixture of too protective and not protective enough. I was never allowed to do anything to discover who I was in fear that I would be hurt, but my mother also did not protect me from my fathers hurtful words. It definitely messed me up, so I understand what you meant about being worried about bring ing a child into that kind of a life.
But after leaving home at 16, I've grown a lot. I'm ready.

It will work out. I remember how happy i was when I found out she was pregnant. It wasn't planned. She was very surprised at how excited i was. Our first was a premee. 28 weeks 2.8 pounds. She's 10 now. Her sister is 7.

I bet they are just beautiful :)

Yes, they are. They both had it tough as babies. They both ended up in the neonatal intensive care for 40 days. The first because of the premature pregnancy. My second daughter got a bad lung infection due to a swallowing problem that wasn't noticeable until a swallow study was done later. She spent 14 days on a respirator at 2 months old. Had a feeding tube (among other things) and also has a g tube in her stomach till this day.

Oh my, I'm very sorry to hear all of that! How are they now?

Fine, doing very well.

Good :)

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Babies grow up.. they are expensive. They take dedication to raise into productive citizens. Buy a puppy, try not to kill it and in 2 years.. have a critter of your own if the puppy makes it.