Eventually I want to, 2 years out of school maybe. If god is willing. My current boyfriend wants to name our (if we have a boy) Jaylen --eh I don't like the name at all. It sounds ghetto. But he LOVES that name,obsessed...............

I don't want a overused name like Chris, Ashely, Brittney, Kevin, and soo on. So overused you call out "Chris or Ashely (one of those names)" and 20 people turn around.....

Well, I guess I got a lot of time to think and focus on more important things like school.. Maybe in 4-5 years he'll change his mind. Maybe or Maybe not he's the one. In the end, I'll settle for Jaylen if I have to, take one for the team but I might need to form some kind of nickname/middle name at least.
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What about classic names from the bible? They never date.

A name is something both of you like. This is not a contest of who has control. :(

Hmm..I dont see it as control. And to both of you: have you ever thought It could be that he has a special meaning to the name? A good reason? Did you ask him?

It does. I'm not sure about the story/meaning behind it.
And I kind of did ask but he didn't tell me. I didn't fight much to know about why like i should have I guess.

Cinderella is right. Yeah.

I never thought of it like that(control). The name Jaylen has some meaning/story he never quite told me. He's just stuck on it. I don’t believe that's controlling on his part of wanting the name so bad.

I'm not controlling at all
I narrowed my list of names by saying "I don't want an overused name" (you have to start from somewhere right?) but I'm not saying it as permanent. For example, I like the name James and it's an overused name. You’re looking at my response too black and white. Like a logic truth table when it has deeper meanings or sides.

In my last paragraph, I’m saying if I ever agree to that name (because in marriages / real relationships you either have to 'meet down the middle' or 'make sacrifices' ) this is what I would do.....make a nickname. People do that ALL the time when they don't like their name, to be cool or to make it short. So if Jaylen means so much to him I will settle to make him happy.

And just because I settle on the name doesn't mean anyone won the control contest. And it doesn't mean I will always settle but I believe you should always choose your own battles. Choose whats worth it.

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