I'm new to this site and out reaching out to people I don't no for answers but I'm so confused. Here's my story, When I was 17 I was put on the depo shot due to health reason's I had to get a double dose of depo, ever 3 months or so. I was on the shots for maybe 2 years. It was ruff getting off the shots but after about 8 months things started getting back to normal. I am 25 now and have been married to my husband for 5 years we have been trying to conceive a child for 3 years and still nothing. I am at a lost and looking for advice we will be going to a fertility doctor in a few weeks. If anyone else has had this problem or any words of hope they would mean a lot to me thanks everyone.
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Hey! I had 3 IVF treatments and a miscarriage, and, after my 3rd treatment, I finally had a baby. She was born a couple weeks ago. I wish you all the best.

dont give up