I Am A Mormon Fundamentalist, Not Lds.

Started out as LDS and then after many years, got a testimony about the doctrines that the earlier prophets were teaching.  It resulted in becoming a member of another group/church.  We have added a lovely "sisterwife" to our family as we believe now in plural marriage.  And it is awesome for all of us.

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We joined a small group in East Arizona. They are not at all related to the FLDS.<br />
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I visited several groups/Churches before we decided to join our group. Plural marriage is only one aspect of MF and we wanted to make sure that we joined an organization that we felt comfortable with. I found good people everywhere but I really concentrated on the leadership and how they operated. Some in my opinion are off the deep end so to speak. Others are very much like "you do it my way or the highway" We did not feel comfortable with the one group that was much larger, much more "organized' but also much more controlled. So we visited a small group that had all the really important things. No real doctrinal mind control or group that will tell you what or how to do things. We liked that and we felt very welcome. We are having our conference coming up in a couple of weeks. Why don't you contact me at poly9876 with g mail and a com at the end. Tell me in what part of the country you are located. We have people in the Dakotas/Colorado/Kentucky/Utah/Canada/ and us in Nevada.