One Day I Will

One day I will be a mother, and I will be a damn good one! :) I love children, and am just waiting for the right man to come along so we can get married and start on making a family, a very LARGE family. I want about six kids, yes a house full :D Some will probably be adopted, as I've always fancied adoption, I even tried to talk my parents into adopting a child into our family when I was younger.
Even if I never get married (who needs a man to depend on anyway?) I will still adopt and be a foster parent as well. There are so many kids already in the world who have no one to care for them and love them, I would love to take some in and shower them with the love and affection they may have never received from wherever they came from. And one day I will :) I'm young, but I'm already making plans!
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1 Response Apr 1, 2012

I wish you well in your quest. You seem to be a strong person with clear goals and loads of compassion. Good fortune.