Man Proposes & God Disposes...

Man proposes & God disposes...

This would be appropriate to my life. Am 30 & married for 4 years. We have been trying for a baby for more than 2 years, but in vain. We have consulted several doctors & our reports are all normal. Despite of everything being normal, am still not being able to conceive. I have taken various treatments like IUI, but still in vain.

It would be a nightmare everymonth when I get my periods instead of a positive pregnancy. I have gone thru all possible trauma due to this coz of my family members. And I hope that I'll become pregnant one day.

I have PCOD but Doctors said that its nothing serious. So ladies out here, can you suggest me something??????


marukozhundu marukozhundu
1 Response Jun 4, 2009 it worked for my sister