New To This Group.

Hello Everyone,

I am a Single 30 something woman who is still trying to find the right career. I would also love to be a mother, but I can't find the right man to do it with at the moment and I am back in school full time.

But I've joined a group of women in the 30s who want to be single mothers. It is called SMC Single Mothers by Choice. There's a website of the same name and a book of the same name. I have joined the organization, and joined two of their online newsgroups. One of them is devoted to women who are thinking of becoming single mothers. The other deals with the medical stuff (But I joined that for knowledge at this point in time).

My biggest issue at the moment is saving money. I still live with my parents and I need to save money in order to move out and also to save money for this future child too.

I am wondering if there are other single 30-something women in this group?

midnightstarr midnightstarr
41-45, F
Feb 26, 2010