Everyone Else Wanted to Be An Astronaut

Whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd always draw a blank. I had no idea. My friends all wanted to be models, firemen, cops, surgeons, mattress testers.

I only just figured it out recently, about 3 years ago. I was a counselor for a childrens camp when I was 17 years old. I spend a week straight with every group of kids that came in, and two days into the job, I knew.
I wanted to be a mother.

I became pregnant not long after I quit that job. (I quit not because I couldn't handle the children. The staff was treated horribly.) It actually happened when I lost my virginity. I was far too young, but the feeling of knowing I had created a life, it was amazing. Unfortunately, I miscarried. Perhaps it was for the better. But children occupy my mind constantly.
Now that I'm engaged, I know it will be a reality someday. Someday soon.

I'm going to be what I want when I grow up. I don't know how many people get to do that.
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It is beautiful to hear that you will accomplish this dream. I wanted to but do to some real medical complications, I will not be able to. So, I love to hear stories and lives of women who do. I was even hoping to do a surrogate but my husband (who has a son from a previous wife--she left when my step son was one and never looked back) said the other nigth without even discussing...he was not up to raising another child. I was so sad. My Father died very suddenly about five years ago and out of all of us kids, I am the only one that does not have a part of my father to raise and teach about my child about. I was hoping for a little girl or really just a health baby--my Dad's name was John Arthur....I wanted to call her Johnni Isabella or him John Michael (which Michael was his name before he was adopted and is also my youngest brothers namesake) Well, I will just have to live with my memories of my Dad and the continued fun and continued futures with my 12 nieces and nephews.

my dream is to be a mother......congras dear :)

As someone who is prone to labelling themselves a feminist at times, I can only admire, and congratulate you on your surety of vision, and your commitment to achieving that. What is most important for all of us is to follow our heart's desires. Good luck!

A Mother: The toughest job, and lowest paid! Being a Mom gives you the ability to be All those professions other people want to be! You become a teacher, a doctor of boo-boos, deligate rules like juditial, patrol like the police, save and spend like the banker.... you name it, you ARE! And yes, even the astronaut... show your children the moon! Make them shine like stars!

That is so well said.thanks

I hope that you can quickly fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.