Cat Ears And Tail

Since I was little, I've always liked anthropomorphic cartoons (I think Disney was secretly trying to make us all furries) but I never really saw any nekomimi until I started getting into anime. I don't know why, but since then, especially recently, I've had a strong desire to have a cat's tail and ears too. Not like attachable ones, though that's fun too (I wish they made bigger ear sizes), but real ones that I could move and use. It just seems like so much fun to have a tail especially, to be able to move it, curl it, flick it, just everything about it.
I'm not really into "kitten play." I've never tried it, but that's more of trying to be a cat, while nekomimis are humans with cat features. When no one's around or on websites, I like to add ~nya to the end of my sentences. I've refrained from doing it here or there'd be ~nya all over this story. Does anyone else harbor a desire to be a real nekomimi? I've love to find more people who are interested in this.
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Honestly I've always had te strong desire to have cat ears. I always wore headbands (I have cute clippy ears now) with cat ears on them but a huge part of me wanted to know (as I often asked as a child) if I could literally get cat ears put onto my head. I wanted them that bad. This sounds really weird but yeah... I don't know, I've never really found anybody who under dads that, they're just confused. It'd be nice to talk to someone who knows what it like. :p

I totally get that. I've wondered how long until science comes up with a way to grow cat ears and a tail on our bodies or have them grafted (but still work). I'd so do that.
I've never found good clip on ears and I don't know if they're work since I keep my hair short. What kind do you use?

I found a cute blue pair on etsy. They come with a little attachable bell, it's really cute. And unless your hair is shorter than two inches you're good. They have really simple alligator clips or you can attach them to the headband that comes in case the clip breaks. I think they might actually be working on the grafting of tails too, I would be up for it! Ears would kill me though 😍

Do you know who the seller was? I'm not sure about the blue color or bells though. Not my style.
I ask about the hair length cuz I tried bobby pin ones and they wouldn't stay.
Why no ear grafts?

No, kill me as in I would die for them :3 blue is my hair color so it works for me, but they come in a whole range of colors. Seller is eshopmania

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