Disappointed In Nekomimi Anime

I'm rather disappointed in the amount of anime that features nekomimi. For as many nekomimi images that are on the net, there is very little anime. The little anime that is around is usually a romantic comedy/harem anime that focuses on fan service rather than story. Does anyone else want more anime with nekomimis in it, especially story driven ones?

Another problem is that there is very little media featuring male nekomimis. I'm aware that most of the current nekomimi art/anime is for fanboys. I'm heterosexual but as a guy who wants to be a nekomimi, I'd like for a little more (non-sexual) art of male nekomimis.

One anime that is pretty decent is Dog Days. Despite the name, there are a number of nekomimi characters in it, both male and female. Does anyone else have any neko animes they'd like to share?
zechs2 zechs2
22-25, M
Jan 21, 2013