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Writing Is Passion For My Soul.....

Writing is a release for me....I have always had this a child, I loved to read and would create stories in my mind, and knew I wanted to be a writer, or an actress where I could act out the scenes myself. A chance to have a different identity, if only for a short while, and then bounce back to reality. It got me thru many hard experiences as a child and young teen thru early adulthood, and even to now in my mid thirty's. I will never give up the pen. I aspire to get off my butt and do something with these ideas that overflow my brain. I allowed real life to let me set these aspirations to the side for awhile, while I did what I needed to do at the time, instead of being smart and finding away to incorporate my everyday life along with my dreams.......I now find myself with the space and freedom to do what I desire most, and have procrastinated a bit, for know....not that I can.....can I still? ebb of ideas are now flowing again, and I find myself seeking out opportunites and placements for my creations. I hope this flow does not end too soon and I hope and pray that reality does not clog this opening. I stress alot and that tends to block idea's and for a writer this is a disastrous occurence. I also don't want to limit myslef to just writing novels....I am eclectic this way....I also write poetry husband is in a band and wants me to write songs for them...I haven't yet, but I might write one...we'll see......and I would also love to write childrens books, and greeting cards.......any and all of these outlets would bless me and make me happy......but I don't want to do just one....I want to do them all......

007angelgirl 007angelgirl 31-35 1 Response Sep 27, 2008

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Yes, Actually...I have procrastinated and put it down for a few months, but am working on an endearing story about a mother and daughter. I actually have the whole plan out of the book, including # of chapters and titles, but just still piecing together the wording. Plus have had many, many, unfinished but started ideas, set aside....I am kinda eclectic that way...I kinda bounce back and forth between things. Depends on my mood and how which direction ideas are flowing, I guess.