Hello, Naked Handyman?

I got the call! It is the first time a lady specifically requested my services.
The telephone conversation goes like this, "The job is perfect for the Naked Handy Man, if he not afraid to climb a tree!".

Her problem was a cherry tree in a pasture full of horses and cattle. When the leaves become wilted, they are poisonous to hoofed stock. Unlucky for her, no tree trimmers could get to the job fast enough and lucky for me, she thought the seclusion of the project and temperatures in the high 90's, that would surely bring me out right away. She was right.

I was told where the tree was and how to get there, she was going to come up shortly to help clean up the branches and leaves as I cut them. She wanted to help keep costs down by doing some of the work too. First thing first, I get naturel, then start on cutting off low tree limbs and placing them in easy piles for loading onto her pick up truck. I then climb the tree to tie a line on the broken out tree top and pull it out of the trees onto the ground for easy work. It is then she pulls up in her truck, gives the horn a few short blasts. With a big smile on her face, a big wave is extended out the window. I help her load her truck. Full to over flowing, she says, "I need you to ride along and watch to make sure nothing falls out and help unload." I said with a sigh, "I need to get some pants on for that" Laughing She said "why, there is no need, no one will see you." Well not so, we were going out to the road and gates had to be opened. On top of that, she was going to stop off at her dads to get directions on the location of a trash pile safe for cherry debris. I did put my pants on so I could open gates and make sure her dad did not see a Naked Handy Man if he wondered out to the truck.

On the second load, still having more to cut up, she goes alone to unload. Before she drives off, a big friendly smile forms on her face and her lips spill out a friendly warning; "work safely while I am away, your wife would not forgive me if you were to cut something off!!!"

Hot and sweaty and the job all done, we go back to her house to get hosed off and wash off any poison ivy that I might have gotten on me. She reassured me that the place I was washing off at was secluded and no one could see. NOT... While she was standing and talking to me, while I hose off the soap, a car down the road spots her through and opening between the trees and waves to her. She busts out laughing and says, "he can see us!" and waves back. Laughing even harder now, she barely gets out the words, "now I wonder,, if he is wondering,,, who the naked guy is"... She brings me a beer to drink in the shade while we chat and I air dry off in a nice breeze.

She never got naturel like me, and we treated each other with respect and openness, as good friends do.

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George and Skip,
I did not mind getting caught, and as Skip noted, there is always a chance that you will.

It is important that you are doing something very normal, like working and that you are not naked in an area that is not inapprehensible or inappropriate! I avoid situations where you are going to offend someone and avoid any chance of being seen by kids, especially kids!

Getting a visitor or getting caught has resulted in more naked handyman jobs. This one is a prime example.
This Lady stopped by a pool that I was doing some maintenance on. I was able to put some swim trunks on before she spotted me. When she came up to chat, she kidded me that she was interrupting a great chance to go skinny dipping and that I must be miffed she stopped by. She was joking at the time. I thought that maybe, she saw me putting my swim trunks on and asked her if she saw me naked when she pulled up the driveway. Well, kidding as she was, she did not quite expect this answer and said she did not see me. I said if she did not mind, I would go back to working naked. Clearly making it her choice. She said it would be all right with her, but in a longer reply, more like a dare. It was pretty clear she did not expect me to actually do it. But I did, and off slipped off my trunks and went back to work. She stayed around for about 1/2 hour making small talk and never again mentioning I was naked. All of a sudden, she says "OOPS... I'm LATE" and off she goes. Well, the ice is broken and she has asked me do do more work for her as the naked handyman, from time to time.


Clearly consenting adults ...

I'm not at all sure that showing you off nude was respectful. But if YOU didn't really mind, despite your protests ...