Venice Beach

There was one summer when Venice, ca. went nudist. I, of course, took advantage of this. I put my blanket on the sand where I could watch several nude young men and waited to see what would happen. A couple of kids, boys who looked 11 or 12 years old, lay down on the sand where they could look up between my legs, pretending they weren't ogling me. I pretended I didn't notice them, raised my knees and spread them so the kids could look into my crack. The sun was warm and I fell asleep. I was awakened by a man saying hello and I opened my eyes to a lovely, hard ***** about a foot from my face. I was sorely tempted to grab it and stick it into my mouth but here we were on a public beach, so we both put on some clothes and went to his apartment were I could use that **** as I pleased. By the next summer crowds of voyours started coming to Venice, some churches and newspapers complained and the police announced that they would arrest nudists for indecent exposiure, and that was the end of nudism at Venice.
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2 Responses May 30, 2007

I lived about a mile from there back in the early seventies and my coworkers, the Venice Beach Oglers as we called ourselves, and I discovered the beach. I didn't realize that it only existed for one or two summers. I may have been one of the people ogling your *****. I eventually joined in and got nude before my friends did. One of the guys had his girlfriend there who got nude first and told the guys that they were ******* if they didn't get nude so most of them eventually did. I never had the balls to get a ***** and walk around trying to find a girl to ****. I wish I would have. The cops occasionally raided the place however and I didn't want to get caught with my **** up in the air. They busted a band that was playing there one day who was in the buff. Good clean fun back in the day.

Damn uptight people!! Don't you just hate them? Did you find somewhere else to go nude?