My Kids Would Love to Be

I prefer clothes cuz I have self esteem issues,but my kids love to run around in thier birthday suit.At first I was annoyed,but then I figured why not let them enjoy the freedom it gives them?At least in our secluded back yard and around the house.Soon they will be starting school and will have to wear clothes,but for now I am just letting them enjoy as much freedom as being a kid can have.
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4 Responses Jun 21, 2007

I guess I'm with nude55 in that I would adopt a nude lifestyle for my family early on. Never allow your children to have to experience the prejudices of most adults. When there is nothing wrong with it, they shouldn't have to think there is. I applaud you in that you allowed them to still feel free. I had the chance to have a family (children) but that wasn't meant to be. It looks like being a nudist is going in the same direction. Keep your children pure as long as you can and while you're at it, work on your own issues. You're a pretty woman and have nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, a family that is bare together is there together (I just made that up!!!).

Its great to hear that your kids are so happy and free - but not so great that you have these 'self-esteem issues'! I know without meeting you that you have a beautiful body...and so do your kids, so do i, so does everyone you know. Don't be ashamed of your body, get naked and show it to proud!

I never married or had a serious girl friend. But if I were married with kid with my mind set I would encourage the nudist life stile with them Now a Few years ago I volenteared as a big brother and in the interview I discused I was A naturest - nudist. Being that I would like us able to spend time nude if he was open to that plus if threr was a boy around that liked running around naked or in his underware. It be fun chating playing in his room Then When and if I could take him my place theres 40 acers woods and a pond So then theres skinny dipping if he could swim but it seams thay mite see a pervert where it not. But then my encouragement to you is also Do not textile them live the nudist life stile as much as thay want and as long as thay want And I do go to nude resorts and tha too was a good ida to take them comfortable play without the feer of being seen and a good place to meet nude playmates?

One thing I love about going to "camp" is nude people look each other in the eye when they have a conversation. How refreshing! Nudism is a great lifestyle!