Beautiful Freedom...

My first experience as an adult took place after my dear wife of 34 years passd away, and I was free to do things that could not be on the agenda while I was looking after her...

I went down by car to a Nature Retreat (clothing optional) about 6 hours drive away from where I was living. It was so easy for me, once I had registered and found my campsite, to just slip off my clothing and proceed to set up my camper-trailer that I had in those days. At first, walking the half kilometre or so to the shop and swimming pool area with my you-know-whats dangling freely beneath me was a little strange - and seeing women in a similar state of undress was unusual... but I soon got over the novelty and greatly enjoyed my 5 days stay there - although, while the weather was fine and warm for most of the time, and I enjoyed the bush-walking (precious few insects to bite), on the last day it rained, and I had to have my camper towed out... the Advertisement said "4-wheel Drives not required"; but that turned out to refer to fine weather only... my! was the 2 kilometre approach steep! (In Australia - or NSW anyway, nudist places have to be at least 1.5 Km off any public road).

Soon I found out that there was a nudist beach only a few minutes drive from where I was at the time, plus 40 mins. walk through forest... good for exercise, and seeing some native animals... I loved that location, and used to go there regularly to swim.

Now I have gone to the diametrically opposite side of Australia; but there is still one 1 Km stretch of beach where nudism is allowed... the beach is not as nice as in NSW, but, wot the heck - its still great to be naked and unashamed, nor fearful of what anyone thinks. To me, it is logical to bathe naked and to take naked walks in Nature... and it is an unbeatable feeling of freedom and oneness with Nature. Or so I reckon!

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Super story. I like how you talked about your positive experiences. It seems like Australia is more open to nudism than Canada. <br />
Enjoy Greengal777

Sounds very liberating. Nice story!

How sad that you never shared the nudist lifestyle with your wife for all of your 34 years of marriage. I am fortunate to have 50 years married and the satisfaction of our raising three healthy children all with the benefits of nudism right from birth... and now professional citizens with their own grown families.... Kiatau

The word was STr_P, GET REAL!

I love swimming in the nude, it's so invigorating. So rarely can you feel so free, I have to trot down to my pool in my suit get in and ***** under water,as not to be dibbed the loose woman on the block. So there I can be loose as a goose and no one even knows, well until now...

There is a sun bathing club about 10 miles from where I live but it's expensive to go there. My fantasy would be able to buy one of the mobile homes and lots there so I could live that lifestyle. One of these days!

Thank you for that wonderful story. I love to be naked and would love to experience a clothing optional resort or beach. I had the chance to visit one near Virginia Beach, VA, but I ended up coming down with the flu and hubby and I had to cancel at that time. So, I look forward to checking one out in the near future.

I totally agree with you - being nude is such a freeing experience. Swimming nude is fabulous. No suit to drag you - you go thru the water as sleek as any fish. And hiking is enough to make a person ecstatic with life.

Thanx for Barin' and Sharin' with us! ;}