I Am a Nudist

I have always loved going to places that are - as the term goes - clothing optional. They can be social ones like nude beaches or hot springs, but also any old stream or pond when I'm hiking will do - provided it's warm enough. And if it's hot enough, I hike in the nude. Some of the nicest places to be nude are in Vermont, where there are many places to skinny dip. Yes, there is a certain erotic element in some situations - like nude beaches (see my story in ...mmf) - where arousal can happen when you might least expect it. And just once I would love to have a date where I meet her at a nude beach. To be just who we both are from the start. And if it leads to sex, well, that's fine. But even if not and I still see her, there certainly would be less pressure to use clothes to impress.




yukon yukon
46-50, M
Feb 7, 2007