It be true ... arrrve always wanted to be a Pirate ... Hoist the main sail ... swab the deck ...  arrrrr  Ive a patch on me eye, a wooden leg and they call me Captain or they walk the Plank !!  

 ARRRR  let spell check walk this here plank it be ******** the Captain RRRRRRR

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6 Responses Jun 24, 2007

I made a scurvy little message for all pirate-folk out there...<br />
(keep mousing over the pirate to hear everything he says)<br /><br />
<br />

Rrrrrr tis true ... we be spiffy we Pirates... nothing wrong with being thar Captain of yee own ship :P

Asking Captains permission !! Har har har or just trying to get on the Captains nerves ... the Plank be right thar... Off ya go... go join spellcheck

RRRR Barryb you rrrr welcome to swab this here Captains deck .... in that outfit .. RRRR be a sight to behold that would .. keep the Randy Pirates busy while I grab the loot !!!!

I meant too cute. Damn, spellcheck be shittin' this Captain too.

The RRRRR at the end was precious, Pirate-How softly amusing you express your disappointment!!! Even in Caps-it was to cute.