Ummm, Yea

So I've liked singing for a very long time. My Freshman year, my mom convinced me to join Chorus at my high school. I joined because I liked singing and I thought it would be something fun. One year later singing became my passion. I'm always singing, always thinking of singing, always wanting to perform. Its been hard for me though. I had always thought that I would be a scientist or a doctor.  I always was debating with myself on what I wanted to do and what would I do, and if singing would be just a fantasy I dream about. So finally I just decided to take the plunge. I'm gonna focus on being the best singer and performer I can. I know it will be hard, and lots of hard work and disappointment will come before I actually get any recognition or fame. I'm not dub, I know I'll go for long times worrying about money and not having the comforts I do now.  But I don't want this to be something I could have done, I want it to be something I did do, or at least tried. 

MariusValjean MariusValjean
18-21, M
Feb 18, 2010