I Want to Be a Psychic

I WANT  to be a Psychic.I WANT to be able to see and talk to dead people.Communicate with them. I think it would be a very unique experience.

I HAVE seen ghosts,when I was a child. I also,have felt my husband's presence, for a short time after he passed away.That was about  3.5 months ago. But for some reason, his signs he was giving to me, have stopped. I would like to be able to talk to him. I have many unanswered questions.

I have many unanswered questions about death too. I would love to find out.I watch shows like Ghost Whisperer. That is what I would like to do,be able to communicate with the dead, see the dead, and even help them cross over. Call me crazy, but I believe in Ghosts,and the Spirit World. I would just like to enhance my beliefs, use them to benefit others.I would like to have the "gift".

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Hello :)

I am in the middle of a spiritual awakening at the same instant I'm also sharpening my psychic abilities; scrying, astral dreaming, spiritual communication, sensing energies.. My all time favorite ability would have to be spiritual communication, I'm also a paranormal investigator/researcher for LVCPS (my college) of course not a lot of people believe me, only a few do. Im okay with people thinking that.
It's one of my addictions. I honestly can't see myself not being involved in the paranormal as much as I am now. It sort of became a part of me.

Interesting. I've recentuly been following up on newest medium, Theresa Caputo..aka Long Island Medium. Theresa senses, and sees shadows. Feels emotions. She said she dosent actually SEE the Spirit. I would love to get a reading, but 2year waiting list.I would love to do what she does. What an amazing gift. Sadly growing up, we would get into trouble even mentioning the word GHOST. So, if I could've embraced it more growing up, I probably could. Not now. My husband would give me SIGNS for the first year...then less and less contact. The signs were few and far between. Now I get excited a nd lucky for only 1. I STILL talk to him everyday. But even that seems silly. I feel like I'm only talking outloud to just me, when I used to get response almost IMMEDIATELY. It was incredible. Slowly, everything came to a halt. He's gone. Maybe into the light.

well you already do have the gift but your forcing it instead of letting it come naturally, relax. I'm psychic and i can't even see the dead, i have (telepathy, empathy vibes, and aura reading) i can't see the dead but i can feel when a presence is near.

I am always trying to learn more and more about the afterlife,and death.I read a LOT of books about death,spiritualism,lots of SYLVIA BROWNE books. I just have one thing that might be different from a lot of Psychics.I dont believe in GOD.I DO believe in SPIRITUAL things,dont get me wrong.I believe in Spirits,and Ghosts,as Ive experienced some.I DO believe in higher beings.I am not sure if that will make being a PSYCHIC difficult.I hope not.I want to learn more and more,and I want to help people,and ghosts.I know I have-had the gift when I was a child.I could see Spirits, I am hoping I can still tap in to my gift now.Eventhough I no longer SEE Spirits.Is there a way I can get that ability again?I want to enhance my gift I once had,re-open my ability I once had.I do still have dreams that come true,and once communicated with my deceased husband in a dream.I just want a PURPOSE in life.I lost a lot when I lost my husband,including my will to live.I just wish I could have a purpose in life again,I wish I could help people,communicate with spirits,help people cross over. I am not afraid of death,or dying.I am someone who wants to help people understand death,and not be afraid.I want to help.How can I do this?I want a purpose.Something to do with Mediumship.What do you mean ethic (Im not sure what it means sorry)Thankyou for msg me

Being a Psychic Medium comes with a strong ethic within oneself, and also a huge responsibility to yourself as well as your clients. If this is what you are drawn to, then you owe it to yourself and those you will be 'reading', to find a place where you can 'open' safely and with control. That is huge, especially in Mediumship. Too many people want the ability but don't want to take the time to increase their knowledge about the afterlife first. That's so very important. The most gifted Mediums I know have put in many hours of 'understanding' and learning before they reached out to those who wish to communicate with dead people. Yes, it's very rewarding to be able to sit across from a client and know that in some small way you have brought them a bit of comfort..... just remember your purpose... it's not for 'you', it's for 'them'... In light, Medium2u