My Plan:

I realized my love for psychology at a young age, like the creator of this group did. I've wanted to be a psychologist since 7th grade. I stuck with that soley up until my first year of college. It was then that I started to truly realize how much more to our existence there really is. I started focusing more on Consciousness, Collective and Individual...quantum physics - the nature of thought and the nature of reality. My plan is no longer to just train to be a psychologist. I want to study, research and eventually coach people on how to train their minds, if they want to of think more positively, choose to be happy and be more connected to people and the environment. This of course is a basic gist of what I want to do. I could go into this much more deeply but I don't right now. I want to be a psychologist, but not until I'm entering the age of retirement. I plan to get my phd in psychology/clinical at some point in my 40s or 50s and open a private practice in my late 60s or late 70s and work as a psychologist until I die.

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I do agree with you that life is expensive, although it has never affected me personally as I am lucky enough to come from a very wealthy family =)

Honestly I feel worried sometimes because it's a huge mission. It's going to take so much effort and discipline and I've never been the best with motivation when I let things get to me. The biggest challenge is first to live in the path I want to teach. The second is gaining the education and retaining the knowledge I need to complete my mission. This will take time and money. I know life is long and that's the basis of why I believe I will succeed at this... I hate money and I'd rather live doing something right and fulfilling for myself than doing something terribly boring that's going to lead me to get stuck in life, for a larger check. But still, it would be nice to live comfortably. Life is expensive these days. :(

Hi there! I'm the creator of this group and even though I'm younger than you I really think you are doing well and you have great aspirations!