I Have The Ideas

I have the ideas, and the story. I just dont know how to put it together!!   I wonder just how many people ther are out there just like me and just how many fantastic stories we are'nt reading!!!

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Thanks. i'll try that too :-)

Thank you!

As Lewis Carrol said in the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland" Begin at the beginning and keep on until the end, then you're done! If you don't know where the beginning is here's a really good way to find it. Get some note cards and write the ideas of the story, one idea per card. Then after you think you have all the ideas written, try to arange them so that you have a good story line, or flow. This is called a story board, they use it in making plays and movies as well. It is more fun than an "outline" because it has moveable parts. You can look the story over and add cards to fill in gaps. You can keep the cards in a box and pull them out whenever you feel like writing. It can be fun. If you never write that story, you have a box full of story ideas --- and there's even more fun