Harsh Break Up - Height Difference

 ive hade a harsh break up

let me first explain i hade a internet relationship

with some guy i knew for a long while 2 years....

we were in a relationship last year since august

he broke up before with the reason i dont feel good enough for you

but then came back in february and told me he still loved me...

but when i told him that im pretty tall  he said he liked tall girls

but eventually he broke up

the height difference was only 4 inches if i got that right

i am 1.83 tall 6 feet ( yes i know tall for a girl but im from holland people are just tall here )

... and he was 1.78 tall 5.10 feet  but it was pretty harsh for me ... and when i told everyone no

one could believe it .....but what do you think should

heights matter in a relationship ?

xzeromoonx xzeromoonx
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010