Where Is Anyone

Is there anyone on here besides me and my friends who want to be a rapper. I know there's others out there who want to be a rapper too but this is a new group so not many know about this group. If you know anyone who wants to be a rapper point them to this group and we can grow it and have a lot of good hopeful rappers here. By the way is a community to help so just post you raps and the community and I can help. Thanks for your time.
fire84725 fire84725
13-15, M
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Are you any good?

Define good lol. Of you want an old song pm me if you want me rapping never lol

Well what's your subject material when you write rap verses?

One or two a serious things the rest will put you in mind of the Marshall mathers lp

You listen to any east coast rappers? Big Pun, Big L..?

Jay z and nas

This one of the few songs that jay z is not bad in. Classic hip hop tho. I love it

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Yeaa man. Shoot the gift, keep rappin. What is your style? East, West, Southern hip hop?
Also, are you recording at all?

idk ita been a few weeks, im taking a break lol. its so,ething like eminems content with nas storytelling. i recored a verse on my ipad and learned my voice would need tuning lol