Just Because I Want To Be Used For Pleasure, Doesn't Mean I Want To Be Humiliated, Degraded Or Sissified

I have looked through a fair few groups looking for somewhere to express a few fantasies i have always wanted to live out for a long time, one of them is even the very first fantasy i have ever had, but i have found it very hard to find a group that doesn't couple men being used for sex with men wanting to be humiliated, degraded and sissified.
Dont get me wrong, each to there own, i'm not a judgmental person but these things are just not for me.
So before i get into the inns and outs of what im feeling I'll describe one of my fantasies and then explain where i stand in all this.
I would love to be used as a male sex slave. To be used for the pleasure of women, preferably a room full off women, like you might find at a women's house who is having a sex toy retail party. I don't know what you would call it in the states but over here in the uk we have a company called anne summers that sells sex toys and racy underwear. You can become a rep and then organise a house party where the products are shown and all the women have a school girl type giggle as only women can. Its nigh on always all women only, but i can have my fantasy.
I'd like to be Naked except collar and cuffs maybe, just there to give the ladies light refreshments and nibbles ect, but then i would so love to be used as there pleasure bringer. As for the products the seller is showing, id love to help demonstrate them and just be there entertainment really.
A queening stool would be awesome, (its a fancy head rest that doubles as a chair for the lady to sit in for my favourite hobby, eating ***** MMMMMMMM) Then i could lay down in the middle of the room with my naked body exposed, ( i'm a bit of an exhibitionist lol) **** bobbing in the breeze, whilst they take turns to sit on my face whilst they have there party. I want to make them all *** and those that want more i would absolutely love to oblige. And any one who wants my *** is sooo very welcome to it and if they all need some im sure that could be arranged.
Now where on earth in this scenario does there need to be humiliation?
I'm suppling pleasure, they are receiving pleasure. When a man has sex of any description he is giving, only when he is being ****** is he taking and being submissive, but how can a man be being used by being ****** when the act of a women ******* a man is barely in the best sexual interest of the woman. She's hardly ******* him with a strap on ***** to give herself a bigger ******.
Dont get me wrong, i understand the role switch and power swap being the attraction and excitement, but i hope im kinda making my point.
It's all a little blurry round the edges any way because to be the bottom is actually to be the one with all the power. Its there limits that are being stretched and they are the limits being set in the beginning and i have to ask, doesn't it take an incredibly strong and dominant man to have the guts and mental aptitude to submit to his wife, who society says should be the submissive one?
Even in this, i don't see the need to belittle anyone, i see it as a trust exercise and these kinds of games have to have huge amounts of trust.
I understand that others have a need or erge to be degraded and humiliated or even sissified, i kinda understand why each one could inspire a sexual rush, my only objection is the indescriminant gathering together of all these different genres.
See my personal reason for wanting to be a sex slave and to be a little dominated by a women is because of this culture we live in. I have been raised a gentlemen, in England no less lol, i utterly respect women to a fault. you know that boy who loved you at school, you know the one who was like your best friend, you could tell him anything, you could step out of the shower and have no fear that he was gonna jump ya bones so you were relaxed and comfortable around him and all the while deep inside he's dieing cos he would really like to up the relationship but knows your too close a friend. You prolly didnt realise at the time that he loved you or that he would have made you *** more than any of those wasters that broke your heart. some of you prolly still think he was your best friend and nothing more but trust me, he loved you more than you can imagine. Any who, yep, that was me.
Couple that with the fact that you women really do hold all the power in the world, if only you knew it, for you hold the power of the *****, you control the sex, u may not think you do, but consider this, its rape if you say no lol
So i have a huge libido, sex is a huge part of my life because i have to tend to his needs in order to function, add that to the fray and you women already have my balls in your hand.
So here it is, I want to be a slave because im bored and frustrated trying to find the line of balance. If i want sex, you need to feel comfortable, you need to feel loved, you need to feel safe, you need to not have a head ache, you need to not be stressed, you need to feel that there is no expectation for sex, it has to be 28 degrees, the wind must be blowing east, the moon must be full. And then if i feel horny and your not in the mood i feel like a sex crazed arse hole, like all those men that i have tried my hole life not to be like and spend the night feeling **** and unloved. I know this prolly has a lot to do with my libido being ridiculous and never finding anyone who was equal but still, i want to be a sex slave because:


I dont WANT to be NEEDED, if you need someone that implies if they leave the room that you have something missing, your not a whole person and im sorry, but in my opinion if your only half a person on your own then theres only half a person to love and everyone is missing out. I NEED to be WANTED, so if im being used by a women for the sexual pleasure then theres no way i can offend or upset them for there in control and they call the shots, lets face it they do anyway.

So USE me, take your pleasure from me, if you need me to **** you tell me to. I love pleasing you, i need to *** lots so enjoy it, take it, its yours. But please, don't laugh at the size of my ****, don't tell me bob ****** you harder, don't call me shirley and make me wear a dress. Call me your slave, you can call me a **** if you like, but not a useless waste of space, have some respect for the man who's dedicating himself to your pleasure, this is a beautiful act of trust and orgasmic bliss.

I hope i haven't offended anyone with my words, i haven't meant to at all, in fact i admire and respect you all for being able to express your selves in such a liberated way, it truly is beautiful, I just hope to make a place where men can admit a submissive side without having to feel that they need to wear silk panties and have there **** stamped on twice a week to be understood. Some of us just want to worship women for all there glory.

Just an after thought, is it the men asking to be tortured, or is this what happens when you give women your body and tell them to do what they like?
I really hope its the men and not that this is the true dark side nature of the feminine mind.
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Thank you Quietone for your kind words, i appreciate your advice. ^^,

I understand you have some really good points.I think you just need to find a loving domme woman who is sex crazed like you.I also think she should share you with her friends lol.Theres someone somewhere just keep looking and put yourself out there.Also try collarme.com maybe?Thanks for sharing and being so honest.