I have decided that after getting my B in Biology, I want to go on to do a Science at University. I am really glad I took it last year, as I loved the Genetics and Viruses topics and aspire to do something like that.

At uni- i have considered a life science or Biological science, such as Biotechnology, Physiology, Genetics and Immunology but I haven't decided on one in particular yet. I know i'm not smart enough to be a doctor, but it would be really cool to do something in medical research; i'd love to discover something no one has before, especially if it could save lives

I also really enjoy psychology; I always try and understand people, especially the motives for their actions and how they operate. Today i found there's such a career as a Forensic Psychologist; basically assessing criminals in a psychological way to determine their mental states and such. It sounds like something i'd enjoy.

I'm not certain on my career; though i know i'll need Chemistry this year as well as good grades to be in with a chance, so the least i can do is try :)
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Yes...science is amazing. You've encapsulated my career goals in this post. The Earth's oceans are a bigger mystery than the moon, and even our minds are never fully understood.

That they are- but I find even unlocking one piece of that mystery to be rewarding. Minds are so abstract they may never ever be understood fully, but I study Psychology and find it gives greater insight into its many goings-on. I hope to further expand my knowledge of the mind, but never will I be able to define "mind" in a single statement. I'm glad we have that in common, I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss these ideas with you.

It's amusing you share this interest as do I. Seeing how you commented on my poetry, I wrote another poem that deals with this topic.
The mind carries a plethora of wonderful connotations. For a gray squishy blob, it is by far the greatest mystery of men and all our hidden abstractions.
There's so much to discuss, but indulge me in whatever you have in my mind.

If you add me to your circle i'd gladly message you to share. I shall read it, i greatly admire your writing skills.

Do you, by any chance, know of any noteworthy educational books on Astrophysics, Neuroscience, or Psychology?