One For All.

If I could have a dream relationship it woul be with a couple, where I could spend all my time with the wife, fully cd, we would shop together, go to the beauty parlor together, and have sex every day, wherever we are. But an night when the husband comes home from work, she would bend me over, pull my panties down over my garter tabs, lubricate him really well, then hold my cheeks open with one hand while she guides him into me with the other. After a good ride, we could have dinner, and enjoy the evening. At bedtime I would help put him to bed, gently sucking his **** till he comes in my mouth then falls asleep. Leaving his wife and myself to enjoy each others company again.
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

I'm a girl but I'd love that to happen to me (including using that hole!) Except I wouldn't want him to fall asleep after. I hope they would spank me too and both make me do kinky things! Being the sub sex slave of a couple is one of my oldest fantasies.

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That would be a very lucky guy

what a great story i would love to be a cd for a couple to wear something sexy all day, i do so love wearing a garter belt and hose and crourhless apnties with my **** tied up, love wearing a red wig to complete the look, would love to have a wife to pull down my panties and guide a lubed **** up my *** every night and to help out in a gang bang on me do love a wife that love to do me with a strap-on and **** me for a far longer time than any man can. that what i love about having a woman to **** me, they do.t just shove it in they take the time to get it in and i love to feel there **** on my back as they **** me. mmmmmmmmm yes i do so love that

Cool story, I'd love to find a couple to dominate me.