Lets Make Music

Im a singer songwriter. Its was my dream to make a living playing music. I had an extreme weight issue my whole life which I felt kept me from getting to that next level with my music. By the time I finally got my weight under control I had a family to take care of so I had to focus my time on working and taking care of my family so my music fell to the wayside. Thank god I found a way to work from home so I could focus on my music and still take care of my family. Check out my soundcloud if you get a chance, theres a few songs I've been working on. https://soundcloud.com/youngers
If anybody wants to make music together send me a message. We can collaborate over the internet. I'm looking to work on any kind of music. I want to work with musicians around the world. Also, if anybody is looking to make money from home so you can spend more time on your music, hit me up. I'll give you my works info.
dkelement1 dkelement1
31-35, M
Jan 22, 2013