All of my life i have sung, i used to blurt out random sounds but it had a tune (or so my mum says) i could even hum some songs off cartoons. All this before i could even talk. I have severe depression but the one thing that can make me happy, basically the only thing that can make me happy is singing. I see girls now days that can sing they are all skinny and beautiful. And i can't help but think...what kind of person would want someone like me to be in a picture on the wall. I dont know if i can even sing people tell me im good but how can i trust them? Sometimes i just want to give up but there is something inside me that is telling me to push, harder and harder. I tlking my mum into letting me get vocal training, to rebuild the strenght in my voice considering i had to quit choir. It is hard though because no body will really get behind me and give me that push and help my confidence. Oh well...


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You have music in your soul & you need to use it. You cant think of the music buisness as just for the skinny and so on. There are so many people who have become famous who are not a toothpick. You never know what the future holds. Just keep singing.

There is a lot of singing to be done that has nothing to do with pop music and the celebrity MILL. By all means, develop your voice...voice training can teach you valuable life lessons, as any true discipline with this one. It will enrich your life, you can't lose, and maybe you NEED this.<br />
Best to you - N

You *must* sing. There is no doubt about it. You simply have to. If there is nothing else that makes you as happy as singing, you must do it. It's a gift to have such a clear and strong message from your deep, innerself, and you should act on it. This is a different thing, however, to being a professional vocalist or being a pop-music singer, those. First, you must sing. And then see where it takes you. Perhaps along the road you will discover a vocation that you love which has nothing to do with singing. Or perhaps you will become a world famous pop star. But follow that love of singing and I am certain your life will be immeasurably better for it, no matter where you end up.

Go and do what you love! Even if you can't make a sole career of it, thats no reason to give up something that obviously makes you happy. Give it a try, and even if you don't make the big times (and most people don't) keep singing! Never let what other people think make you stop doing something that makes you happy!<br />
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