Fantasy Dress

I saw a wonderful dress on line and have been fantasising about it.

I arrive home from work and my Mistress tells me to prepare myself. I shower, check that I am smooth, dry and spray my sissy floral body spray all over.
My matching pink padded bra and frilly knickers are waiting on the bed. Alongside them is a waist clinching suspender belt, pink and frilly of course. It is so tight that it leaves me a little breathless! I put on some white stockings and a flouncy underskirt.

My Mistress shows me the dress.

It has a low-cut, tight bodice to reveal a sexy bosom with a contrasting colour lace at the front. The arms have beautiful puff shoulders and bell sleeves, edged in lace, with cute, tiny satin bows. The swishy skirt is tiered as a petticoat dress, which are all edged in lashings of lace and fixed satin and ribbons galore!

I gasp! ‘Oh Mistress it is so pretty!’

She lets me put it on. I feel giddy with excitement as she ties my hair in bunches with blue ribbons to match the dress. I wear a pair of white ballet style slippers.

My Mistress tells me to follow her. She goes out the front door and gets in the car. I hesitate. Does she really want me to go out like this? She looks impatient so I mince to the car….

Where is she taking me?

More soon.
xxlexiexx xxlexiexx
4 Responses May 10, 2012

very interesting we need to know more please

I love your dream, I would love it too. The nearest I have is my French maid dress.

so what happend girl

Ooo! Someone wants to hear more! I'll write more later x

yes this sissy girl does

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Thanks Sammi