With My Little Eye

When I was little, I used to practice being a spy. From the time I could walk, I was never suprised when Chirstmas came around, or any other holiday involving presents for that matter. When my cousin because old enough, we worked together. I used to make my own "spy gear." I covered phone lines, bugged rooms with walkie-talkies  with the "talk" button taped downhidden in couches, had hiding spots galore. My only relationships through high school were with people I used as contacts. I knew more information that never should have seen the light about people than anyone else. There was not one group of friends I didn't have eyes and ears in. If something was going to happen that might concern some people I liked in a bad way, I would dispell the tension. The trick was making everyone love me. I was the one people went to when they suspected someone of hiding something. I did  work for people with siblings I had never met before. And I got answers. I can follow a technical trail like any computer genious (only I'm more of a litterature buff.)

I learned that the trick was not leaking any information to anyone. If it didn't concern someone, that person would never know. I have more hidden information about people than even the people it concerns know.

Secrets. It's all about secrets. 

Some might say this is a bit excessve, but I saw it as a defense mechanism. I was always different, and if I had my hand in everything that was going on, but didn't necessarily partake in any of it, I still belonged, but no one had any dirt on me. People then liked me. Being a spy would be hard for a lot of people, but I think it would be one of the easier things to be. Especially for me. Don't mind suddon death, not afraid to take risks, like to learn and memorize, could totally withstand torture, living with trust issues, etc. I could do it. But I will never have the chance.

ShopGirl ShopGirl
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2009