It's Just a Fantasy of Mine

I could never really be a ******** because I am neither glamourous nor confident enough.  I am also very, very shy about my body and any physical contact in real life (although I can act extrovert sometimes). But it looks so cool!  If I were a ******** I'd specialise in pole-dancing, which looks really fun.  I'd wear 6-inch high platforms, black pvc or floaty white lingerie.  I'd really get off on the idea of men looking at me but not being allowed to touch me (actually that's pretty close to my idea of perfect sex).  I'd dance and pose about, get a massive ego boost from knowing that so many men fancied me, take the money and save it for when I was too old to carry on.  Clearly I wouldn't need to spend the money on luxuries - for what are luxuries for except to make us feel better when no-one fancies us and our self-esteem is low.
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why don't you try a pole dancing class,? it's only a small group of girls, and lot of fun..<br />
My profession has nothing to do with sexy, but I'm taking classes at a pole dancing school and found it fascinating and empowering. It's a great work out too.

One of the appeals of the ***** club is the variety of women who dance there. There is not a right amount glamerous or confident.<br />
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Often clumbsy is as cute as the well trained gymnist.<br />
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Its just people having fun.

I made more money on stage than private dances. Your confidence will build. We had different types of girls. A lot of the clients were lonely and wanted attention. Sexy eye contact works wonders, like you are up to something naughty. Dont worry about confidence. I started out not being able to do hardly any moves, just dance. You start trying out new moves to be different from the other girls. When you have a whole room cheering because you did something they liked... it is awesome. I had this trick of standing on my head, doing a split and coming down with one leg on a guys shoulder and the other out to the side. It made a lot of money. Also, guys like unusual pole work. It takes a lot of strength. I could throw my leg up and catch the pole behind it. Dancing to fast metal, drop straight to the floor and catch myself right before my face hit the ground. I got a lot of bruises but I had a great show.

I'm not sure where you live or the clubs in your area but why not take in an Amateur night. This way you can see women who have little to no experience dancing and maybe bolster some courage to try the stage in an Amateur contest yourself.<br />
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In Amateur contests I have seen the audience feedback is very positive, there is zero contact allowed, and it is one way to experience being a ******** without committing to the industry...unless of course you are spotted by an agency that approaches you offering you a job with them. ;)<br />
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Have you also considered Burlesque? There is no VIP dancing but you get to master the art of the tease and you do not have to go completely nude...pasties and g-strings.

and skanky

im in your same position..having power like that is sexy

I think you could, if you really wanted to be! The act of adopting a persona is incredibly empowering, in that you can leave behind everything that normally holds *you* back, because when you're that person, you're someone completely different. Except you get to go back and be yourself later!

why don't you give it a go or be a life model for an art group?

i took one pole dancing class with my friend. and the teacher told my boyfriend later, that i was clearly the better of the two. yup! it was such fun and i really got the hang of it. i could never do it for real but i think it would be such a rush for men to think i was hot!! i've got the bod, just not the guts lol