"stay Strong!"

Hi my name is Anai im kinda new to this but ive been with my army man for 11 months and when we first meet he had bearrly came back from training n well we got to now each other and every time he would leave for training even if it was just for 3 days i could not stand being away from him i kinda got us to him leaveing but not that he is in iraq which is miles away  when he left in November of 09 i couldnt stand but cry my eyes out n hug him so strongly i told myself if i keep crying it would bring him down two so what i do now i just say i got to be strong for both of us and i calm down but as soon as hes gone i por my eyes out i now it bad for me and soon it will get better but i dnt now what to do so it wont hurt so much?? can ya help me out??

SPCpena SPCpena
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

hey girl! im kinda new on this website too... were about the same age and everything. and i really really want someone to talk to. do you think we could be eachothers support systems? my boyfriend hasnt left yet, but he leaves july 20th and everyday is a struggle for me. but i really would like to have someone to talk to. maybe we can learn to be strong together... message me i guess if your interested! thank you!