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I have been interested in Tasawwuf for the last three years, because it is naturally complementary to my own open-minded and spiritual nature. Even as a former Catholic I was influenced more by the spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin and retained an interest in world spiritual and mystic traditions. After accepting Islam seven years ago, I became quite a puritan but have since "mellowed out" to what I believe is the real beauty and essence of Islam. Even when I was doctrinaire and puritanical, my basic nature was still inclined towards spirituality. But it was a necessary stop to make on my path, a valuable learning experience.

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I am glad that you found the light. May Allah bless you now and forever. Their aren't many people like you in the world.

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First of all, its really good to hear that you are interested in Sufism, surely this is the path to the Creator and the Almighty. Regarding your query, you can visit for a very detailed library regarding Sufism. Project Sufism is a global forum initiated by HujraSabri to promote Sufism,highlight misconceptions about Sufism and to reveal the true essence of Sufism in Islam.<br />
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May Allah bless you! :)

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have you thought of getting a guru mursyid who can teach you the Way? You can do zikr at every moment of yr time even as you work or watching tv or whatever

Yes inspiring, Every student is different and a Shaykh is like a good doctor who has individual potion for the spiritual health of each mureed. <br />
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If you are not yet called home by your tariqat, I suggest you try to attend a zikr once a week.<br />
At first you do the Zikr,Later - how long depends on the person - the Zikr "does" you.

Inspiring -- thank you for sharing! and may you advance farther along your chosen path. It is a good one.