Ok guys this is serious before u go thinking im doing this as a joke, now i dont know about you guys but i have wanted to be a super hero for a long time and lets face it the world could do with some. Now given no one has powers but skills we do have and im sure you have heard there is power in numbers. Picture this if enough people wanted to be heros and we all got together and did it i dont see who could stop us. By watching each others back we kinda do have a power then the power of numbers. If anyone likes the sound of that let me know. Lets start the first Alliance no one has ever done it guys this could be life changing if you want in please let me know.
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I think I can help you with that! We actually have a program running at that moment! You can email me for more info!

devillkata @

count me in

Someone should set up a mailing list we can connect through so we can talk through email but in privet with everyone involved.

I was just about to post something just like this!! It would be more effective if you all moved to the same city(where there was a lot of crime) and organized yourselves. I'm a 13 yo loser who lives in a small Texas city but I've seriously considered this as my only real talent in life besides being a techy. I<br />
Not really a nerd just lazy. I read another experience about bullet proof shirts. They seemed simple. Any plans of mine would have to wait till in on my own though:/

Hey, techs are much needed in the world of super heroing!

Im game for it any one else message me on aim at BossRiot or at

are you serious? that will never happen... your all going die...thatswhat cops are for.. not little social outcasts with a fantasy of being important... the real heroes are the psychologists who have to fix you nut jobs

Depending on how it's co-ordinated and implemented it could be very useful to the world. There's a lot of us and we're growing. Some of us even have "powers" (dead serious)

i like the sound of it email me to

i like the sound of this too,

yeah email me too man

email me (