I Already Am

a superhero to lots of people and Im sure every person on here also is
I dont know anything about computers or tecnology , I cant spell, I graduated high school, went to five proms, but I was (and am) a huge know it all , and I wanted everyone to think I was "ALL THAT"
I cant spell worth a **** , but people genarlly get the idea of what Im about
I want and need to be in control of all situations at all times, yet im total chaos and not organased, yet somehow people still get the message
I want people to know who I am and what I stand for - I want people to think I am "ALL THAT"

I dont know why I have such a great need for this but this is me rolled up in a nutshell
I am overbearing, charming and overdemanding of my kids, and even though I very much loved their mother, I try to turn my kids to hate her when I see alot of her families gentle easy going ways intertwined in them. This is what I should love about them, but when I see her in them, something comes out in me. What makes it worse is that the more I speak ill about her, the sweeter and more gentle she responds to me. I HATE THIS!! I dont know how to fix me
I dont take advice good but please give me credit because I am here, TRYING TO GET HELP!
I promise I am not all bad, I just have some bad f****** points
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You sound a liiittle like a sociopath...