Anyone Up For A Challange

I wish that one day I will wake up and finally decide to be a hero.but hang on, I have chosen what to do, I will be a hero. The best way for me is in two up to four years time I will be a hero. But I can not do it all by myself I need will need help could it be us THE FIRST HEROES EVER. My decision is final for me I WILL be a hero.I have all the skills needed: fighting(Kung Fu,Karate,Kick boxing and wrestling). All so I am in the army I know how to navigate by compass and how to Sjoot a gun and dislocate the gun. So would it be you in four years time saving the world with me?
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Well, first we need to work on that grammar. But after that I'm totally down for being a superhero! I know this will sound crazy but I'm a scientist who just created some superpowers. The ones I've made so far are strength, speed, durability and senses enhancement. But I'm making more as time progresses. Want to be a member of the defenders? Please text or call me at 702 - 281 - 9388!

Where abouts do you live? (Country)