"he's Out There..."

Well! Where to begin? I have no name for my hero except he is obviously an extension of myself. He has all the peculiarities of many Super Heroes ie: alter ego, shy and feeble, insecure and nerdy. He has some how (I have not worked out the details) been invested with the ability to manipulate gravity and mass. It may not sound cool but manipulating the forces of  the universe is pretty bloody amazing! This demi-god power allows our character to move at an accelerated  rate of speed without getting tired. He can move outside of normal space and therefore covers more ground in a fraction of normal time. To the outsider it looks like he is moving faster than a speeding super car. He can now leap an amazing distance and descend too without damage to himself. He has in the classic sense of The Hero endowed with  unbelievable physical strength due to his ability to manipulate gravity's influence on mass; in essence he can reduce the mass of an object thus making it lighter. Yes, I know, I haven't worked out the physics yet!

Neither  have I worked out the origin of his creation. All I do know is that he has a very fractured mind full of hate and anger. The negative drive in him allows him access to this power. He uses it at first to help people out of life threatening situations; (crashed cars, burning buildings, runaway public transport vehicles etc.) He does this under the cover of darkness so he is difficult to recognise. Like me, he does not have much hair and even fewer friends and zero social life (Oh! A bit like me then?) This advantage is that it is the perfect cover for now as he has not decided what to do with his new ability. By serendipity he dresses in darker clothes when he is saving The Public at night. Later he dons a very hi-tech hair-piece when appearing in the daylight. The best bit about his outwardly appearance is The Shades. He wears rap-around very dark shades. With the hair-piece and shades and a darker gravely tone of voice he is totally unrecognisable as himself! 

Equally his character of mild mannered office / admin/ support job is a perfect cover. Know one would make the connection between a 6'4  man dressed in black who can move at immeasurable speed and have unbelievable strength, and a balding quiet spoken, broken inside man who is a social recluse. When in his alter-ego state he "becomes" this other being. His voice and demeanour change, no longer a weak and pathetic individual.

That is until the authorities want to know about this phenomenon and bring in forensic detectives, and psychological profilers to determine what kind of "man" they are looking. Our hero takes to wearing glasses which have no focussing ability, they just make him look a bit more hapless. He pretends to be awkward and retiring; underneath a brooding power of self loathing and bitterness. The origin of all this negative anger? His love and soul mate left him and walked out and divorced him. This destroys him. He is near breakdown, loses his social standing his status, friends, home everything, until he nearly loses his sanity. 

When established and has a costume and name he becomes more prominent in society but ultimately still an enigma, a dark entity, not to be messed around with, as the law enforcement authorities find out when he outruns them (literally). In later stories he wipes out several criminal gangs, stops Terrorists activating a dirty bomb and a shoot out with weapon smugglers much to the regret of the bad guys. He also has a little catch phrase but I nicked that off a very popular TV series from a very long time ago.

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