Secret Wishes

Starting my senior year of high school I've had these uncontrollable fantasies. I want to have a baby, for a reason. I want to help a loving couple. I'm not the kind of person looking to get paid to do something like this.. I don't know, I just truly want to give the gift of a child to a couple that I could possibly even have a strong relationship with afterwards. Right now I am too young for anyone to talk me seriously, but I'm an adult and I don't care. Most agencies want you to be at least 21 with a child of your own already living with you.. I wish there was a way to just start now. I want this so desperately. I plan to be a surrogate in the future as well, even after marriage. I guess my partner will just have to be accepting of that.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Omg I feel the exact same way!

There are so many women who are just dying to bear a child. You'd think that surrogacy would be a great option for them. My guess is that agencies believe women like this won't give up the baby unless you've had one of your own and knows how the process effects you.<br />
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There was a surrogate on YouTube who talked about the experience a lot. She was called BlueChocolateLover. Check it out.