I'm currently in the education program at my school and hope to transfer to a four year university be 2010. If I can stay on track and at a full-time schedule I should make my goal. Of course that will be a new issue because I'm already having trouble fitting all these classroom observation hours into my work schedule and when you get to year three the hours increase. Not sure how I'll manage but a creative and temporary career change may be necessary.

In the last two weeks I took two vacation days and spent the entire days with a kindergarten class at my sons school. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT ALL! I already have a classroom layout complete, list upon list of what I want on my walls, my centers, fun activities and more. I plan on beginning a chart of the school months and going through to add all the holidays and events that pertain to each month. From there I'll add in the lessons that are required and fun ways to incorporate the monthly celebrations into my class work.

My guess is that I'm going to totally go into panic mode on day one when I finally get my class but for now I feel confident and ready to begin. All in due time I guess....

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Panic disappears just as excitment rushes'll be great, and the kids will pick up on your excitement....enjoy.....Kinder is a lovely group...they are still fresh and not as cheeky as the older groups.

Looks to me like you are ready! Don't worry, usually by the time you're in front of the students all the panicky feelings just disappear.<br />
<br />
Hope you enjoy it tremendously, just as I do!

I think I have the patience and heart for it... funny how right it actually felt. thank you :)

I believe you would be a wonderful teacher MSP.