I Still Want To Be A Teen Mom

I am a senior, I'm 17 years old, I have a boyfriend who is 19 and we've been together for 2 years. I want a baby.

Why- I want a baby so bad, I have for a little over a year, and it's reached its peak. I've dreamed the past three nights of having a baby and the feeling that came over me was just amazing. I have never wanted something so much that it makes me sad that I don't have it and the thought that I have to wait 3+ years. I'd love spending endless time with my baby that I've created, that looks like me and my boyfriend; something so innocent and so pure, loving you unconditionally forever. A little baby looking to you for comfort, and when it's sad or tired it wants you. My mom even pointed out how responsible I'd be if i had a baby. My step mom said the same thing when my brother was younger and I'd take care of him.

Working/School - I am obviously going to college, and my boyfriend is in his second year of college. He also has a steady job. I want a job and save up money for my baby. I'm getting my license in a week and i have a free truck available to me, and my boyfriend has a car. I will save up money for the baby for the main expenses (crib, changing table, pack n play, car seat, stroller, etc.) I will probably either quit my job and just focus on school and the baby while my boyfriend will either finishes school or is finished with school and have a better job. If not I will keep low hours at my job and have a nest egg just in case. I will not put the burden of my parents paying for my decision, and welfare is the last resort.

“Daycare” - My child will NOT go to daycare. My baby will be with grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins. For the 3-4 hours I'll be in school, if that. They have online classes that my friend has interested me in and I would do those whether or not I have a child. As for a job, I'll obviously have low hours and that's the only time I'll be out of the house. I don’t party or go out, ever.

Giving up my Youth Years - I do not have the typical teenage life, going out to parties, drinking, hanging out with a bunch of people, i didn't even have a sweet sixteen party. The only thing I do is I go over my neighbor’s house with my boyfriend because our friends live together (they’re a couple) and we get along really well. As a matter of fact, she loves babies and wants one of her own too. They are both 20 turning 21. So I wouldn’t be “throwing my life away” like a lot of people say. I would want to bring a baby into my life as I start my own. I want a baby with me to love and to bond with. Most young moms are closer to their child because they are so young and have the energy their kid has to keep up with them and we will like a lot of the same things.

The Father- I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years now. We met in school, I was a sophomore and he was a senior. I was 15 and he was 17. Now I’m a senior, and 17; He’s a sophomore in college and 19. He does not want a baby right now in our lives because he knows we cannot financially support a baby right now, he wants me to wait until I am 21. The chances of us splitting are very, very slim. We hang out EVERY day, do EVERYTHING together. My dad likes him (my dad lives in a different state and I only see him every other weekend and my boyfriend has come to see him with me about 6 times, vacations included). My mom loves him (she sees him all the time). He’s comfortable with my family and I’m comfortable with his, his mom treats me better than him half the time. We’ve gone through him graduating high school, him in college, prom, exes, him getting a car, him crashing a car, him having no money, his mom charging him rent, him having no car, he went through a period where he was miserable and I became miserable , but we’ve overcome that. Right now we’re all lovey still and I want to be with him forever. I’ve cried at times I thought I was going to lose him, he’s cried at times that he thought he was going to lose me. When we do fight over something serious, we instantly forgive each other and just hug or snuggle. We’ve never said anything hateful or mean to each other. He gave me his virginity and I gave him mine. We’ve had pregnancy scares but never anything too serious. I told him I would keep the baby and he told me he would stand by my side.

Money- He has a steady job and is being offered an even better job. I just got offered a free truck that a family friend owns and he knows the ins and outs of this truck and if it ever breaks down, he has my back. I am getting a job once I get my license(in a week) and I will save every penny. I never go shopping, I never go out to eat (I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve done either). I’ll have to help pay for car insurance but I’m a girl, I have honors at school, and I just finished driving school so it will be very cheap; I am also under my parents insurance. As for the baby, I and my boyfriend will have jobs and I will make sure I have 2 nest eggs saved up for emergencies. I will NOT put the burden on my mom by paying for my child. Welfare is also the last option for me.

Taking care of my Baby- Yes, I see and understand all the ‘cons’ that come with a baby. I might have to be waking up every two hours, sometimes getting no sleep at all, endlessly changing diapers, listening to a crying baby. I see all that on 16 and pregnant, I see it in person (my friend has a baby and she lived with me for a few months). I understand and I see that. But the reward is so worth it. Yes you wake up and you’re so tired and you have to feed and she won’t go back to sleep, but at the end of the day when it’s you and your baby, your creation; it’s just so worth it, to make him giggle, see her smile, watch him sleep, her little farts. I just want it so bad. I’ve changed diapers, I’ve put clothes on babies, I’ve gotten them to stop crying, I’m capable and I’m not like the moms on TV that call their mother when they poop all over themselves. I’m ready, also while I’m young and have the most energy at this age, it makes sense.

Bad Attention- I realize having a baby belly in high school will look bad and I’ll get called a ***** maybe and they might pick on me for it, but honestly I won’t care. I would even like the attention of my friends and people touching my belly and feeling my baby kick! Not only being 17 or 18 and pregnant, but I look young for my age, I can pass for 15! I’m sure I’ll get nasty looks in the grocery store or something, but I’ve never cared what people have thought about me and it won’t change now. Me walking around with a baby too, going to the pediatrician’s office at 18/19 isn’t going to look good but I still won’t care. I will be a good mom, the best mom I can be and that’s all that matters. Just because I’m 17 doesn’t mean I will not be a good mom. The statistics are stacked against me but they don’t influence me. Everyone is good at something, and this is my something.
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I want a baby too, I want to be a father, so I get how you feel. I'm already 22 though

I can get you pregnant

I think it is up to you not anyone else, i wanna be a teen mom sooooo bad. mtj01 better just better suck here f*cking mouth. Not her diesition and she dose not even know you. I wanna have the enjoyment of a baby too. Know i really doubt that your boyfriend will leave you.

I could repeat everything everyone just said but heres another point, wouldn't it be better if you and your boy friend finished school before you had a kid? That way your child will get equle time with both you and there dad, my mom used to go to school and my dad was stuck taking care of me, new I have a much better relationship with my dad than with my mom and i think part of it was because i trust him more, probably because he took care of me more than my mom did. <br />
Your young and life will be there tomorrow, there is no rush.

I know how you feel. I'm 19, almost 20, and in my heart I know there's nothing more I'd love than to raise a child. To give all my love to MY baby. I went on vacation and I was day dreaming what it would be like to have a baby in a stroller or even holding a toddler's hand down the street one day. Watching them grow. I want to be a young mom because I want to be able to have the energy to still do things with my child as they age. I have friends that have parents in there 50's and their parents are as lively as my 39 year old mom. We have so much more in common. I went ziplining with my grandma. Who else can do that?!

Here's my input. Take it or leave it, the decision is ultimately up to you and your boyfriend. I am a teen mom so I have first-hand experience on what it's like. I have am now 20 years old with a beautiful son. He is the pride and joy of my life. I got pregnant really young and I am one of the lucky girls whose boyfriend was actually kind of excited to have a baby. We both knew like you that we wanted to be parents even when we were in high school. That didn't stop us from being scared when it actually happened. We knew we wanted a baby but we were so scared about money and what would we do about college? I decided to put off school for awhile and work while my boyfriend went to school. I will not say to you that I regret anything. I don't, not for one second. But you will have to put a lot of your life on hold and when they say that sleep becomes non-existent they aren't kidding, and my baby wasn't colicky he was really good. There is a lot to learn and a TON of responsibility. It put's a lot of strain on your relationship and love-making becomes quite rare. Babies are quite expensive, all the diapers and doctor appointments and baby clothes and car-seats go for about $100 dollars these days. Stroller's and cribs and mobiles and burp rags and baby food, formula if you go that route. I'm sorry if I keep rambling on. Like I said the decision is ultimately yours. I am always full of advice if you ever want to hit me up.

E her alone I want one to and we almost have the same lives I think 15 or 17 would be just as good as any 33 year old and my sister has autism and I don't want that for my baby and don't ever say someones bf is cheating on them

Girl enjoy your teenage life and wait...Most guys will leave the girl when she becomes pregant because he still wants to party and he his friends instead of comming home to a girl with a baby!!!!!! What happens if he loses his job and the both of you dont work what are you going to do then?

excuse me b*tch :) my boyfriend isn't seeing anyone else because I am with him 24/7 and he is on break from school right now, he's taking mechanic classes so would you care to tell me what 'girls' he is hanging out with? And no, We are not youre average teenage couple. YOU wake up, not everyone is the same. YOU Are 33 and YOU want to work on your third degree and home and travel NOT me. I want a family to be surrounded by and full of love. oh and i hope you don't plan on having kids because by the time you find a man you'll be close to 40 and the chance of autism and down syndrome is increased. You realize you took out a couple of my uncertainties and turned them into negatives, then you turn around and say i will probably drive away my boyfriend and that my boyfriend is cheating on me? that is hilariousss.

Grow up!! You've been watching too much Teen Mom! You haven't lived your life, and times have changed! There's so much to do and see in the world in 2011! Im 33 yrs old and am not ready for a baby: Im too busy working on my third degree, taking care of my home, and traveling! You need to get your "something" together, and find out who YOU are before you have a child! You dont even know if your boyfriend of 2 yrs and attending college is ready for the demands of a baby! It may be to much for him, and probably will drive him away!! He might even be seeing someone else right now (he's so young and surrounded by women who want to get educated just like him), and a baby just will complicate the entire relationship! YOU NEED TO FIND YOU FIRST!! ALSO DIDNT YOUR BOYFRIEND SAY WAIT!!! Wake up honey!!! This has disaster all over it!