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I'm not stupid. I know that having a baby in high school isn't smart...I know I shouldn't. But that doesn't stop me from wanting it so badly...I am honestly jealous of the teen moms at my school...I stalk their facebook profiles with envy. I was almost a teen mom...my freshman year. but my mother made me have an abortion...please don't hate me for that...i wanted my child. i still do...my mother is so controlling. she has to take over everything i have. she even stole my best friend from me...when i'm at work they hang out together. they text all the time. my friend is seventeen...my mom is fourty two... i want a baby so badly... everything about having a baby is what i want... i want to feel something growing inside my belly..i want to go to the dr and here it's little heart beat. i want to decorate its room and buy it everything in the world...i wanna pick out its name and raise it bc i know i could...i just wanna hold the little human being that i made and know that no matter what that baby will always love me. bc im the mom...i know i would be the best mom in the world..i also know that i have to wait...i hope that i still have this desire for a baby once the time is right..
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Being a teen mom myself, I'm glad your saying you want to wait kinda but, having a baby as a teen is nothing like 16 and pregnant and teen mom and Jamie Lynn Spears make it look like. Those girls have money, they can do it.. They're spoiled. But the real world I mean, it's not easy and having a desire to be a mom at 16 shouldn't be something you want. Don't you have friends? I think your mom is just doing what's best for you. I understand you aren't close with her, but telling her these feelings and talking it out could help. A baby takes more love and attention than it gives. I'm 20 and I had my first son unplanned at 16 years old. I had to give up everything for him. All I did my last 2 years of school was schoolwork and take care of a baby. No prom, no cheerleading, no homecoming, nothing. School can be done if you try hard, but you shouldn't have to try hard. Wanting a baby in your teens is immature and stupid, you don't realize that but, you girls who want to be teen moms honestly are to immature for these babies and you sound stupid. If I could take a magic wand and stop myself from getting pregnant I would, I would want my same son 10 years down the road. I had another son 11 months ago and two boys is hectic and chaos and makes me want to pull my hair out. College is hard. I'm lucky the father of my second son is graduated from college and has a job. Please listen to yourself and read the I Am A Teen Mom stories. It's nothing like the media glamorizes it to be.

It sounds like you have baby fever which pretty much mean u want a baby badly I know cause I have it to and really only way to get out of this desire is to have a baby I just had a miscarriage at 5 weeks so u know it feels horrible for someone who badly wanted a baby to get pregnant then lose the baby I still can't stop crying but im trying again asap no matter what others think

there nothing wrong with with being a teen mom:) you would be a good one.

I read your post about wanting to have a baby. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I think you have the desire and are able you should follow it. We have instincts for a reason. Maybe later in life you won't be able to get pregnant because of an issue. Don't listen to other people or what they think. There is this idea in society that is bad and wrong. I think if wasn't suppose to be mother nature wouldn't make it possible until you were older. So I take control and have the baby you are wanting to so badly. Just keep it a secret until you are about 4 months pregnant. Then no-one not even your mother can make you get an abortion because its illegal at that point. If you like to chat sometime let me know. I am full of knowledge..hahaha Good luck let me know how things are going!

Omg. I feel the same way i recently found out I was pregnant. I am 18, i feel like i can do it but wen I told my sister, she mentioned abortion, but deep down, I don't want to.