There are millions of teen moms in the world that don't want to be teen moms, but if I was a teen mom I would love the difficulty of my life, except there wouldn't be any. I am a high school and college student once I graduate I am having a baby. So to all of the other people on here saying don't do it. Get over it. MOST of the people in this group want to have a baby at a young age. Sure there are consequences to having a baby at a young age but there are also consequences at and older age.Having a baby at an older age increases chances of down syndrome, and at an older age you are a lot less fertile than you are as a teen. So there is no right age to have a baby at. I am 16 and I would love to have a baby. I Know what I'm asking for and I have a plan put down in black and white. So to all of the people on here saying don't do it and telling your story all I have to say is AND... thanks for the warning but we already get a lot of those from people we see around us everyday. This group is for people who want to be teen moms not for those who don't want us to be. We like to get on this page and know that there are people in the world like us.
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add me and i will work that out for yu

In a way i do agree with shunnyz, most girls at this age do kind of secretly want to have a baby to cuddle and glamourize the life of a teen mom. If you had to be on though waiting until at least junior year and + of high school so u get out of high school quicker. i recently found out i was pregnant with my bf's baby and were keeping the baby. at first i told he was shocked and even asked how we had a condom and its not his, but we both know and his dad is supportive of our decision to keep the child, and my mom is becoming even more close to me though she was sadden in the beginnning and my dad too. im planning on going to public school for a little bit and then finish online. i didn't plan the pregnancy but i don't regrett it either because i believe children r a blessing. Im 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant