I Want A Child.... But I'm So Young.

I have a nurturing and motherly personality. When people have a problem, they come to me so I can support them and make them feel better. I'm a nurturer at heart. I really really really want a child... No, I don't plan on having a kid in my teenage years. But the thought of being a mother mesmerizes me. When I see a baby, I instinctively want to hold them and play with them, feed them, make them laugh, put them to sleep, etc... I don't want to be a mother at this time. But one day, I really want a baby.
muhhrissa muhhrissa
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

first im glad your waiting to get pregant tell your older... a lot of teen think it the in thing nowaday to do that that a baby is a fastion statement.... im glad you got a good head on your sholders... if it dose happen that you do get pregnant i know you will be good mom:)

Thank you :)