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I have met quite a few people on here and it has really made me realize what it truly is which is the being the mother instead of just being pregnant and that's it. I am very happy to see that i am still not alone especially in my situation that i never actually put on here i am determined to do what i feel is a good idea as long as i have help but as a not so normal teen i am still thinking what if the person just sets me up.
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I would help

are u still looking to be a teen mother?

I still want to but I am really trying to wait until right before I graduate another year so

u want to get pregnant in a year or give birth right before u graduate?

As soon as I graduate I have the. Han e to go to Spain so I can't be really pregnant or anything then so I need to wait

so what month are u looking to be pregnant by?

Maybe the month I go so may of 2015 like when I turn 18

oh thats a ways a way. i thought u were meaning within a few months.

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Let's do this!

You really wanna be a teen mom?

Yeah I want to be a mom

What do you maen what if the person just set you up?

What I mean is like if someone says they will do one thing but they don't go through with it

Oh thanks for clarifying me. Are you really wanting to be a mother?

Yeah I do

Do you have any special guy in mind or do you want the single mother life(***** donor only)?

i know for a fact i do not want to be a single mother but i do not have a specified person exactly in mind

good having a mom and dad around is always best . Soooooooooo what type of guys are you into? And will I ever have a chance at seeing a more clearer picture of you?

i dont actually have a type and yes

kool we can swap pix just let me know whaen Kk

Yeah pretty much

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so luv this story - thank u for sharing

I think it's a beautiful desire. I wish you the best.

thanks :)