I Know everybody think I am to young to have child but I don't . It's just something in my heart that wouldn't go away and I don't want it to go away it's actually encourage me to the best I can in school to graduate this year so I can be able to provide for my child and give her the thing he/she needs not want.
I am going to start saving up money for my son or daughter no Iam not pregnant but anything can happen from now and then would at least have money to get the things my child would need.

I personal think being a teen mom doesn't make you less than person because there are teen moms that work there *** off , go to school and give there kids what they need , and at the same time there are grown *** women out that don't want to work don't do **** for there kids. People are so quick to judge but don't want to hear the facts.

Like some lady on here told me wish I can't have kids , like why would you do something like that I don't know you I have never been rude to you none of that. Personally I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy that **** really hurt me I am not gone lie.

Girls with the same problem going though teen mom emotions inbox I want tell you can thing wrong only the truth.
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I know this sounds weird to put a song in the comment but if u understand that's and and treat it right you should be adult enough in my eyes. Where is the love ? - Damian Marley

This is a typical case of a teen wanting to have a child to solve their own problems like emptiness/loneliness etc.

It costs an average of 20 000 dollars to raise a baby properly , you would have to work for a very long time to be able to afford it. Many problems would arise that you wouldn't expect, mostly involving that you wouldn't be able to go to school, work, and raise a baby all at once. When you have a child you have to make sure that you have the time to spend with it growing up. If not, be able to afford it's daycare and alternative care givers. Also, I believe that if you can't provide for a baby properly then it's selfish to have a child in the first place . I think it's very courageous that you want to bring a child into this world, and teen moms that are able to provide for their children properly are very admirable. I'm just saying that there are many complications that come with it, including that it's best for the child to have a daddy that's going to stick around.

I understand what your saying but Iam just not going a child knowing that I can't take care of it. There are things in life I need to get together before I bring a child into this world. First thing first I want to be a full committed relationship ,job and a car for transportation I am not stupid babies cost so does having a house and car. Selfish ? Nah i am not being selfish I will be a mom before I go out party smoke weed and drunk. Put it like this everything in this world you want cost money isn't the problem for me.

Glad to hear you have plans to get your stuff together before you get pregnant. I was not saying that it's selfish to have a baby at all, I was saying that it's selfish to have one without the money and time to take care of it. Yes, everything in this world costs money.

It also helps that when your defending yourself of not being stupid, to use proper punctuation and actually make sense .

If your not mature enough to hear the facts then your not mature enough to have a child. By the time you have a house and a car, AND a committed relationship you won't be a teen anymore anyways.

Yeah I know .. All I want is just to be happy.

Everyone does (: I hope the best for you .

Thanks ..

Why do people on here gives a **** about how you write. What the **** do that have to do with anything .

Because when your trying to prove a point and you can't understand what the other person is saying it gets confusing.

Alright ... Cause I have a habit of writing how I txt .

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