A Fervant Wish

I am a woman who was born Transgender. I do want one day to have the surgery to make me complete and total woman.

I have had these feelings since I was small and I don't want to be what society says I must be, a man. I never tryely was, I never could be. I am looking for a good man to be a friend and a lover. Hopefully who will one day maybe even want to be my husband.

I want to keep his home and keep him happy and loved. Long walks together, sitting holding hands and talking.

I am older so I need a mature understanding man who is settled in life and who will not break my heart.

I am kind, loving, caring and I will respect you ... as long as you respect me.

If you win my heart I will be your friend, lover and maybe even your wife.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

would have noproblem with a TG wife my first love was sort of TG she was a girl brought up as a boy due to SRS at birth and was never happy as a boy she really bloomd as a girl she was a total different person and we had 6 nice years with each other we both grew up a lot and we were still kids too and her mother treated me like a son part of the time but yet introduced me as her son in law amny other times<br />
<br />
we both worked with each other full time and went to school full timein all that time we never had a fight or a hash word said to each other or her mother and i know we had to have pushed the limits many times over they years on silly thing like her waking up and screaming in a night mare and her mother ask whatis was about and with out thinking she said it was her fault is she was going to have a baby as she would not let me pull out neather of us could have kids<br />
or the time we had hit the wall and were past it and her mother and her girl friend sat with us all night to keep s grounded tille we feel asleep and she looked right at her mother and aks why every thing was in slow motion then she said mother i have a itch make it go away and she told her i was the only one that could do that this was before we made love the first times a few weeks later<br />
<br />
but death took her on 1/14/1967 we were just 19 years old then and we had just spent 7 great days in tokyo the day before on the 12 she found out her mother was leaveing the man she married less the 2 years before and her grandfathe had take step to have her enlistment invetagated as they was no way she could have passed the dr visit as a male she had no penis just a drain tube and she had no female orgons the only thinmg that said male was the paper of live birth as the dr wrote that in place of female

** You sound sincere. Will you relocate? I' been looking to...We might have something

Good luck my dear friend!