To A Willing Vampire

I wanna be a vampire. i think its cool and i will have to drink blood which is another plus.even now i dont like the sun and the night life wont be a problem.i will be stronger and please Mr./Ms.Vampire out there if you read this please contact me immediately!

nanalethalee nanalethalee
6 Responses Feb 27, 2011

i want

Message me if you found a vampire to turn you

So you just want to be a vampire because you think it's cool?
On a side note, unless you have a "predisposition" to "become" a vampire, being bitten by one will have no effect on you.

there are no immortal vampires..and we don't "burn" in the sun -well my body temperature overheats-- but any questions message me. :)

Can Vampires turn other people into Vampires?

Cool! If the vampire contacts you, let me know, I would gladly become one too, besides I already made a list of people who will be on my menu :)

i know how u fell i would love to b a vampire. i'm obsessed wiv vampires and blood. i love the dark to and to live for ever would be grate.