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Vampires are pretty alluring to me. Maybe they are creatures of the night. They don't age.
mother1983 mother1983
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1 Response May 22, 2012

True. There is something alluring about vampires. :)

Maybe it their dark personality that attract some human being to them.
I know If I'm a vampire. I will do great things not murder innocent people.

Perhaps your bite will turn bad people good! 👿

if somone bites another. the most likely chance is that the bad person will become alot worse. mother1983, if you were a vampire, you'd have no other choice than murder innocent people (or animals). everything about a vampire is designed to lure humans to their deaths. (oh isn't mother nature beautyfull :3 ). but they are NOT evil. evil is when somone does somthing meaning it to be bad. most vamps (like you said) would rather do somthing great not murder innocent people.

mother1983 you have no way of knowing that and unfortunately it is impossible to say that without it ending up to be a lie

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